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Caring for Hair Extensions


When washing your Human Hair Extensions, it is much better to use sulfate-free shampoo. Most shampoos on the market contain sulfates. However, we recommend the use of Enjoy, Bioken, or Mastey. All of these lines do not contain Sulfate formulas. Always wash the hair in a downward motion.

Before washing your hair, be sure to brush out the hair and remove all tangles before washing your extensions. Make sure to start brushing at the hair ends while holding on to the top. Brush in a downward motion, gradually making your way to the top of the piece .This short step is useful in preventing knots that can be locked in from the water.

Next, wet your hair thoroughly with luke-warm water. Place shampoo in the palm of the hands & stroke the entire strand from scalp to ends. Never use circular motions as this will cause the hair to tangle. Always wash with your head tilted slightly back and not forward.

Finally, Gently squeeze out excess water from the hair, and then pat the hair dry with a towel. Do not rub the hair with the towel to dry.


After shampooing and towel drying your extensions, use a leave-in conditioner to keep the moisture inside of the hair, and keep them from drying out. Good examples are Ojon Revitalizing Mist, or Enjoy Conditioning Spray.

Extension hair, by nature, has already been cut from someone elseƕs hair, and must be taken well care of by using good conditioners like Ojon Treatment, Crede ER Treatment, or Enjoy Hair Masque. A deep conditioning treatment is needed once a week, or at least once every two weeks.

These days, extension techniques are much more advanced than in the past. Conditioning your hair will not compromise the glue of your extensions. If you use a Braid and Sewing technique, Fusion I-tips, or Keratin Glue, there is no need to fear the use of conditioner.

Long Lasting Hair Extensions

The Life and health of your Hair extensions rely upon the maintenance that you give them. Most people are able to use their Hair Extensions for three to four months, but our Hair for Hair Remy Line is quality, healthy hair, and can be used for six months to an entire year without a major problem. All that is needed is that you retighten the hair when the extension parts loosen.

All of this maintenance may seem hard to keep up with, but do not worry. This kind of care is natural and easy, just like caring for your own hair. Enjoy your Hair Extensions, and use them to express all the different moods of your life.